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Research Articles Published During 2015-16

Sr. No. Author Title Journal/ conference
1 Archana C Jadhav, Y.L. Bhagure and Rajeswari M Raundal Effect of PGR, Chemicals & Plant extracts on seed germination & seedling growth of Custard apple (Annona squamosa) The Asian Journal of Horticulture. June, 2015 Vol 10(1):181-182
2 Parmeshwari B. Pawar, Vaishali R. Shitre and R. D. Pandya Problem faced by gender in carrying out the practices in paddy and sugarcane crops cultivation Agricultural Update, 10 (3): 226-230,August 2015, ISSN :- 0973-1520, Volume 10 Issue 3.
3 T.B Ugale, U.A. Pawar, A.S.Mochi and V.G.Pimple Influence of Different Host Plans on the midgut protein of polyphagous Lepidopterous insect Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) National conference on science for Rural India-Jan 2016 VIBHA-SVS held at Deoria, Uttarpradesh; ISBN-978-81-92951058
4 A.S.Rathod, S.P.Pole, R.C. Mahajan , M.V.Dhuppe and S.S.Bornare Heterosis for seed yield and its components in sesame National conference on science for Rural India-Jan 2016 VIBHA-SVS held at Deoria,Uttarpradesh;ISBN-978-81-92951058
5 S S Bornare, L. C. Prasad and J. P. Lal Inheritance of drought tolerance in crosses of two rows and six row barely (Hordeum vulgarar e e L.) under moisture stress and non stress environment
6 S. M. Hadole and Parmeshwari Pawar Role of Information Technology In Agriculture Development
7 Parmeshwari Pawar and R. D. Pandya Role of Gender in Decision Making Process in Paddy and Sugarcane Crops Process
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