Programme Schedule of Krishi Udyog Sangam-2017
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College has agricultural lands at two sites

Sr.No. Name of Farm Area of Farm(ha) Irrigated land(ha) Non-Irrigated land(ha)
1 Makhmalabad 5.91 4.00 1.91
2 Shivangaon 35.09 - 35.09
41.00 4.00 37.00

Makhmalabad Farm:

This Farm is situated in hilly area surrounded by 7 different hills. Between the high peaks there are 7 valleys with rich greenery with different types of plants are grown. This beautiful location is situated 15 km from Nashik City in the North direction on Peth Road.


  • Rain Water Conservation System with Natural Resources.
  • Many varieties of Mango trees are planted which are brought from all over the Country. • Medicinal plants like Shatawari, Gulwel etc. are planted in the valley.
  • Dairy, Poultry projects development under progress.
  • Total 25,000 different varieties of plants are planted in this farm.

Shivangaon Farm:

This farm is under development which is situated 35 km away from Nashik city near Trimbakeshawar.

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