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Department of Agronomy

Infrastructure details:

The following is the list of Laboratory Machinery & Equipments :

Sr .No. Name of Equipments Sr.No Name of Equipments
1 Animal driven modern Energy machine 16 Soil post hole auger
2 Core cutter 17 Soil moisture meter
3 Frame mounted single piston spray pump 18 Soil Tensiometer
4 Hot Air oven 19 Trapezoidal weir lab model
5 Weighing Balance 20 ‘V’notch 90oC lab model
6 Popular P.S.W.Knhil Kolape 21 Aneroid Barometer
7 Popular P.S.W.bull drown plough 22 Cup counter anemometer
8 Bull drown ridger 23 FRP Rainguage
9 Bull drown seed drill 24 Hygrograph
10 Adjusted hole hoe 25 Single Stevenson Screen
11  Mould board plough 26 Self recording rainguage
12 Tiller 27 Sunshine recorder
13 Parshall flume 28 Thermograph
14 Rectangular weir lab model 29 Wind vane
15 Soil screw Auger 30 Soil Thermometer
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